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  • Moez Ali

    Moez Ali

    Data Scientist, Founder & Author of PyCaret

  • Lavanya Gupta

    Lavanya Gupta

    AWS ML Specialist | Instructor & Mentor for Data Science

  • Gonzalo Ferreiro Volpi

    Gonzalo Ferreiro Volpi

    ELI5 DATA: Explain Like I’m 5 | Just a guy trying to make data simpler | Data Scientist @ Ravelin | Fancy joining my mailing list? 👉🏻http://eepurl.com/gA_rkj

  • Oren Dar

    Oren Dar

    Deep Learning Engineer, studied CS at Minerva Schools at KGI.



    Freelance Writer. React developer. Deep learning/AI Electronics 📩 sagarsharma4244@gmail.com

  • Rinu Gour

    Rinu Gour

    Data Science Enthusiast | Research writer | Blogger | Entrepreneur

  • Asfa Zamir

    Asfa Zamir

  • Mian Jawad Ahmad

    Mian Jawad Ahmad

    Founder & CEO at EncoderBytes | President at Computer Cell | Software Developer | Human Rights Activist

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