• Kevin Tomas

    Kevin Tomas

    Hi there ✌🏽My name is Kevin and I'm a junior software developer from Hamburg! I'm interested in everything concerning Data Science and Web Development!

  • Taiwo Adekoje

    Taiwo Adekoje

  • Ramana mohan

    Ramana mohan

  • Keerthana Thiagaraj

    Keerthana Thiagaraj

    Tech enthusiast |Music lover💜 Reach me at keerthana.t1308@gmail.com

  • Imam Muhajir

    Imam Muhajir

    Data Scientist at KECILIN.ID || Physicist ||Writer about Data Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI. Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imammuhajir92/

  • Murali Y

    Murali Y

  • Syed Saad Ahmed

    Syed Saad Ahmed

    Python, DevOps, Cryptography, Infra-Structure, Automation. https://syedsaadahmed.com/

  • Jamshaid Ali

    Jamshaid Ali

    Night thinker, nature lover, nyctophile. Humanist, social activist, Mechatronics engineering.

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