Classify different types of Glasses

Problem statement
This problem is related to classifying the glass based upon certain features. This particular problem can be solved by using the Machine learning algorithm like SVC, Random Forest or any other classification algorithm but I used Neural Network. However choosing the simple algorithm will be better because we don’t have the much data.

Data Source
The data is available publicly over the Kaggle from here you can easily download.

About data
The purpose of the dataset is predict the class of the Glass based upon the given features there’re around 9 features (Id number…

Applying ML over the simpler problems isn’t that much difficult you just need to remember some steps to perform.


You’re a Pirate or Captain of Marine but I think Pirate will suit you and planning to attack the Diamond mine under water near some country, that country has protected the Diamond mine with some Mines(explosion) and Rocks it’s difficult to differentiate to find out which one is Mine and which one is Rock. But the luck here is you have data and you can different among them which one is Mine and which one is Rock.

Step 1


All you should know about the confusion matrix to evaluate your classification model.

True Positive, False Positive, True Negative, False Negative? Tired of searching them out again and again and still don’t remember it? No problem that happened to most of the beginners but once you have the better understanding about the intuition behind it you get comfortable with these terminologies.

So let’s get started with Confusion Matrix which is the base. Better the understanding of Confusion Matrix the more easy will be the understanding of all the metrics. What actually is Confusion Matrix?

Confusion Matrix

As it name refers…

Lets get started with some hot coding in cool weather.Today we’re going to discuss builtin data structure known as List.Suppose you’re buying some fruits for your family from market and want to store fruit names and prices every time in a different variables with fruit names and store the price of that fruit in it so that would be kind of inconvenient right?.To overcome this problem Lists were introduce to store all the values in a single list.You can build such a list with square brackets like this


In simple words you can say that assigning multiple values to…

Have you prepared a cup of coffee?Go get a cup of coffee before reading this because today we are going to discuss very interesting topic the type of operators which are mostly used in python.Let dive in types of operators first.

Operators are used to perform operations on variables and values.

Python divides the operators in the following groups:

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Logical operators
  • Identity operators
  • Membership operators

Arithmetic Operators:

Arithmetic operators are used with numeric values to perform operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, %modulus.

var1 = 20
var2 = 5
res_add=var1 + var2 #Addition among variables
res_sub=var1 - var2 #Subtraction…

Variable :

A python variable is a reserved memory location to store values.


A container for storing data values.

How to declare a variable?

var = "a"

That’s how we can simply declare variable of type String. Similarly you can declare variable of other types as well like integer or float.

var1= 12.56

The process of linking two or more strings together is called concatenation.

You can concatenate variables as well by simply putting + sign among them. However you can’t concatenate variables of different type like string and int.if you want to concatenate them then you have to change the type of variable.Lets see how

Day 1

Are you programmer? NO. Doesn’t matter we will start from the very beginning to clear your basic concepts about Python and it’s Syntax.

I was in 2nd year of my university when i decided now i have to get my hand dirty with python but i didn’t find some proper mentor who help me where to start to become a python expert.So i started on my own but i take a long time to clear my concepts because i was feeling shy at that time that if someone help me it’s good otherwise let it go.Then with time to time…

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